Wedding in a Tent at Gasthaus zur Fernsicht

16. Juli 2020

from all of 2019 wedding couples I guess this one was actually the most relaxed one. from the very first meeting till the evening before the big day when we had to change a lot concerning the ceremony set up because of the weather – we do had a bad weather option but we did not expect these temperatures in september – J. & D. gave me a free hand and trusted me on so many levels. «ask TML, she’s in charge» somehow became a running gag. so it was not only a big pleasure but also kind of a huge thank you to wow these two adorable and good looking people with a unique and special tent design. – oh and can we please do more tent weddings? I really love them. xo, TML

Behind the lens: mat_____k for TML | Tabea Maria-Lisa
Venue: Gasthaus zur Fernsicht, Heiden
Tablecloth, Chairs and Dinner Plates: Options
Stationery: Fine Designs | Creative Works, Linda Baumann
Ribbons: Kate Cullen
Tent: India Zelt
Floral Design & Styling: TML | Tabea Maria-Lisa