The Person behind our Floral Designs

1. February 2016


I am happily married to my biggest fan and critic; grew up with an older brother and sister surrounded by unwavering love from my parents; used to live in london who will probably always be my second hometown and consider myself as blessed to do what I love the most. Being a floral designer allows me to witness love without any words and to maintain the beauty life holds for us.

I never can get enough of white hydrangeas and peonies and grey eucalyptus. I adore the smell of garden roses and the one of fresh swiss cookies my grandmother used to bake. I am constantly busy and people telling me that my perfectionism can be quite annoying sometimes.

I believe in simplicity and true individuality and I can not stand egoism or laziness.

I am committed to my friends and family.

Being a floral designer gives me a place to express myself in which I doesn’t need to be anything other than what I am – in my perfectly mistaken form.

A warmly WELCOME to all the new followers here on my page and big THANK YOU to every single one who is following. Your attention is very much appreciated.


Picture taken by my unbelievable talented friend Sue from Comme Soie