the pleasure of being a floral designer

30. Dezember 2015

The Pleasure of being a Floral Designer

Or: My Gratitude for 2015

2015 was crazy. Beautifully crazy. Meaning that I like crazy. Seriously, this year has been a special one, full of new places that I had the chance to explore and full of lovely and inspiring people that I had the pleasure to get to know and spend time with.

But instead of listing all these wonderful places and writing about all the beautiful things that happened over this year, that for example we launched our re-design or that we got featured by one of my favorite international wedding blog, I would like to write some thoughts down about my gratitude for the privilege and the pleasure to do what I love: being a floral designer and wedding & event stylist. It is actually the easiest way to pay a great tribute to the ones who are proving to me that dreams DO come true: my beloved wedding couples and colleagues in the wedding community.

I believe we live in a world full of inspiration: inspiring peoples, inspiring nature, inspiring buildings, fashion, paintings and so on. We just have to grasp it and find ourselves in it. Only when we realize that we can become inspiring for others too and creating inspiring things. I believe that we mostly find ourselves in our relations to others. And I believe that this is what creativity is all about. Beauty isn’t a product made by ourselves only – it is a compilation of many things but it is this special glimpse of an artist that makes beauty unique. So when I create unique floral designs for wedding couples because they deserve something special since they are unique themselves, I do it  by knowing that of course it has my own and very personal signature – as you know I am not that typical swiss florist and it is important to me to have a significant corporate identity – but that I owe this signature to the people and things who inspire me.

One of these people is Elsie de Wolfe, also known as Lady Mendl. The New Yorker once called her the inventor of interior design as a profession. There are many quotes from her you can find on the Internet. And almost each one of it is very inspiring. She once said «I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.» How precisely is that what I am doing? And even more what I love to do for my wedding couples? Unforgettable all the moments when I left a wedding location this year hoping that I made exactly that and knowing for sure I did when the couple texted or called me the day after. Unforgettable the glimpse in the eyes of the waiters when they put the bread on the tables. Unforgettable because it makes me so grateful making the world a tiny little bit more beautiful. Grateful because it wouldn’t be possible without the confidence and trust in our work by all our lovely customers – thank you form the bottom of my heart!

An other quote from Elsie de Wolfe I like a lot is «Good dressing is largely a question of detail and accessories.» My job would be quite annoying if in the moment a wedding couple is contacting me everything would be already set up for their wedding and they would only need a flower arrangement for the table. Lots of couples are spending days searching for the perfect location not knowing that in my opinion there is almost no location that couldn’t be made into something worthwhile. I am grateful that increasingly couples trust me with event styling issues. That does not mean that my couples aren’t style-conscious at all – most of them actually are inspiring to me as well –, but that they know the meaning of and appreciate the work of a professional.

Elsie de Wolfe also once said «I believe in optimism and plenty of white paint!» There were also things this year that actually weren’t so easy, that were difficult and hard. There were people criticizing my style or even worse trying to copy paste it. And business can be tough. Even if you have trust in your work other wedding providers can unsettle you. And customers can back off and you think it’s because you are not good enough. But then there are all these colleagues in the wedding industry who struggle with the same issues and you realize that it is only human to be unsettle in a while and sometimes it even makes you stronger. Sometimes changing plans means to give up the good for the great. I am grateful for all the people standing by over this year encouraging me, fighting with me and do not give up on me and having unshakable confidence in my work. Thank you guys!

There are so many things I am really looking forward to – and I can’t wait to share it with you. And so therefore my goal for 2016 will be the same as this year: «I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.» I hope that works for you too!

Love and THANK YOU!

Tabea Maria-Lisa





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