moody in love

1. November 2017

Yes, we all (well almost) love pastel colors. Their shades are very smooth and you intentionally want to hug them. They make you feel comfortable and at ease. And beyond – especially when it comes to weddings – they make sure romance is guaranteed. My life as a floral designer would be pretty odd without pastels. I wouldn’t want to miss them for a second. But – and it’s a quite a big but – as a wedding designer I always get very excited when the first thing a bride is telling me is that she wants no pastels but bold colors. Because in a industry full of pastels it needs courage to go with something different. And different can be controversial. So when we first showed the pictures of the wedding we show you today on our blog, the reactions were as well quite controversial: You either do not like it or you go crazy about it. In the first case I heard arguments like «moody colors aren’t something for a wedding». Hell no! Wedding color schemes have no limitations! So here’s to all the bridal couples who are bold enough to know that moody stands for heartfelt passion and stylishness without boarders. You make my world go round and more diverse.



© Pictures: mat.kb for TML

Location: Schwellenmätteli Restaurants

Cake: Ola Torten Couture by Fabiola Studer