colorful and intimate wedding at La Pinte du Vieux Manoir (lake morat)

14. November 2017

One of our first spring weddings this year took place at lake morat, outside in the beautiful garden of La Pinte du Vieux Manoir. It was one of these perfect intimate weddings – only 12 peoples attended the festivities – where everything fits so perfectly. As you know I am blessed to not only do floral designs for my clients but also design the event styling. So as spring flowers truly make for a stunning and refreshing color scheme, we decided to go with grey linen to display the multitude of the colors and textures. And, because spring do not only offers great colors in flowers but also in fruits, we worked with lemons, apricots and nectarines as well. Therefore placing lemons on blush napkins was kind of the icing on the cake. The Saint-Rémy chair with its oak frame brought authenticity to the whole set up. Over all this wedding proofs: You don’t have to go big to be great. All you have to do is go small in a big way. Enjoy the pictures!


© Pictures: mat.kb for TML

Location: Restaurant La Pinte du Vieux Manoir