Flower Circle at Hotel Vitznauerhof

26. Mai 2020

the kick off of our 2019 wedding season – already more than one year ago – was a blast with no doubt. quite stressful and challenging for sure but worth every extra mile we went for our lovely couples!
did you know I get super nervous every season year by year asking myself if I will make it, if I still got the skills doing flowers and the styling, if everything will work as planned? yes! big doubts! but then it is happening and I kind of forget it all, finding myself in the mids of all that beauty, doing what I love the most! I wouldn’t miss it for the world. thanks for all the great encouragement we got during these days and to my awesome team! that floral circle was something, right?!
xo, TML

Behind the lens: mat_____k for TML | Tabea Maria-Lisa
Venue: Hotel Vitznauerhof
Rentals: Options
Floral Design and Styling: TML | Tabea Maria-Lisa