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20. August 2018
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some weeks ago we launched our corporate video. but since we’re in the middle of wedding high season we didn’t had the time yet to let you know this way (if you’re following us on instagram though, this is old but hopefully still great news).
we actually first started talking about this project four years ago. today I’m glad it took us so long since these years were pretty intense ones in which I learned so much and got to know my sense of aesthetics more precisely (still on that road). during the process of this video I struggled a lot: what to show, what not to, what to say, what not to … but then I stumbled over this quote from edgar degas and it hit me: «art is not what you see but what you make others see.»
so this video – there are actually two parts (see below) – about me and my work (which is, as you all know by now, the same to me) is kind of an reconciliation. I used to be offended when people were calling me an artist. I felt like they don’t see that what I do is hard work and not something that just falls from the sky while daydreaming. and because I had this idea that art had to be something which is very unexpected, out of this world and kind of exceptionally unusual. well, I like colours, shapes and all kind of materials. and I love flowers. that’s that. pretty simple. but people taught me that my kind of art is to draw peoples eye to it. that’s what this video is all about. so let’s have a look.

TML | Tabea Maria-Lisa Floral Designer | Part One from david&kathrin on Vimeo.

from the beginning of the design phase it was crystal clear to me that london had to be part of the video – for different reasons actually. particularly because it’s a very meaningful milestone on my path towards a self-employed floral designer.
because I felt very restricted working as a floral designer in switzerland I got retrained to study economics. but before I started my studies I just packed my suitcase and went – without any preparation – to london to give my beloved flowers kind of a second or rather a last chance. well, it was the change I was looking for. here I finally learned to love and appreciate my profession – that was kind of coming home. london teached me to dream big again.
part two of our corporate video is an ode to all the people and things that crossed my life path and to which I owe my signature. It’s my way of expressing how grateful I am for what I have become and yet will. And that this wouldn’t have been possible without friends standing right beside me. being a floral designer have become my way of life because I can hand back the blessing that came to me. being a floral designer is not about bind some flower stems but about making everything around you beautiful. so let’s have a look too.

TML | Tabea Maria-Lisa Floral Designer | Part Two from david&kathrin on Vimeo.

there are literally not enough words to describe how grateful I am for david and kathrin’s work. they invested countless hours, were incredibly patient (oh my…) but most of all they made a dream come true – thank you from the bottom of my heart my dear, dear friends: your work is outstanding – in every way! my truly biggest admiration! this wouldn’t have been possible in any way without you. thank you, thank you, thank you!
also a incredibly huge thank you goes out to sinem – you girl are one of the most talented and oh so funny human I know! working with you is always a success and an adventure.
last but definitely not least a big thank you to my team and family for a lot of help during the filming days!

cinematography: David and Kathrin Photography & Film
make up & hair stylist: SINEM YAVSANER – Make-up & Hair Artist
creative direction, floral design and styling: TML | Tabea Maria-Lisa

hope you like the films as much as I do!